Community Resource

There are lots of resources out in the community to help you become more active, healthier without spending a lot of money.

The variety and availability of resources differs by states. Throughout my experience in long-term care facilities, some of the most common questions residents and their families have asked are;

  • Are there free or reduced programs out there to provide me with meals for homes?
  • Is there any programs/services specifically covered by insurance that provide wellness care?
  • What are high protein foods I can simply grab to get good protein without taking an Ensure?
  • My mom or dad has Dementia, what is the best way I can provide nutrition and care for he or she?
  • How do I find adaptaware for feeding?
  • What are some good foods to purchase following a special diet? Where do I find these products?

Having a Child with special needs, there are many resources that can be helpful. Over the past 16 years, we have learned about services and resources available to us that have aided in us being able to get the care my son needs. Some of these include; Insurance, waivers, support groups, types of therapies saving families thousands of dollars. We started learning about resources from a support group when were in when our son was 3. Since than, we have helped many families discover relevant resources to their need. I would love to help you find the resources available to you in your community, to save you money and to provide your child/adult exceed more.

Everytime a resident was discharged from a long term care facility I worked at, my goal was to set he/or she up for success. What resources I sent home with the resident, was unique to that person. Residents who were not big on animal protein, I provided with handouts/visuals of high protein fruits and vegetables, non animal sources of protein. Residents who were interested in meals, I provided with information on how to get free meals through Meals on Wheels and other Senior programs in the area.

What I realized as I was doing this, is this is a big desire for people leaving rehab facilities for home. They want to succeed and don’t want to end up back in the facility. The services are unique for each state. Let me do the researching for you. If there specific nutrition, wellness, resources you are looking for but don’t know where to go, book a call with me and I will do the research for you. I will provide you with a document of the resources you requested, with contact information and instructions.

Prices start at $50 per inquiry and includes copy of the resources sent to your email.

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