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Nutrition Consultant or Fitness Instructor

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Do you need help maximizing productivity and effectiveness at your care or health facility, school, office fitness, or treatment center?

As an experienced, registered, and licensed dietitian, and health coach, I have helped dozens of clients manage chronic diseases, embrace proper nutrition and achieve a more positive relationship with food.

We help facilities plan well-balanced meals according to state guidelines. Provide comprehensive nutrition Szessments, identify nutrition at risk, and screenings.  In addition, provide Medical nutrition therapy to help clients and patients meet nutritional needs.  Expert in MDS assessments and helping facilities be Survey Ready.

Offer Fitness and Wellness classes,  Nutrition Demonstrations and Presentations.

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Available for classes, speaking engagements, and private consulting

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About Me

Nutrition counseling has taken me to a few interesting and challenging places. Having worked at several under-resourced and overwhelmed facilities, I can safely say that I've become an expert problem solver and will work around whatever difficulties you and your organization might face.

What gives me the edge over other nutritionists? Probably the fact that I was a patient and beneficiary of medical nutrition therapy long before I became a licensed dietitian. Through my own experiences healing and recovering through dieting and exercise, I learned a lot about the role motivation, diet, and mental health can play in healthier living and care.

I don't believe in cookie-cutter programs or a broad approach to health goals. Instead, I believe in tailoring my programs to the needs of the facility, company, or individual I coach.

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What I Do

Food is medicine. As a registered and licensed dietitian, I'm well-versed in the science behind eating healthier - and the role that wellness nutrition and exercise can play in the physiology and well-being of every individual.

I can provide:

  • interim registered dietitian coverage to your health care facility if required due to an open position, relief during FMLA or vacation coverage;
  • provide temporary or permanent registered dietitian and fitness services to your health care facility, community nutrition Program, or wellness center
  • educate and train staff on diet prescriptions, IDDSI, diet textures, and consistencies
  • menu planning and writing, menu approval, cycled menus, and medical nutrition therapy advice for long-term care facilities in line with State Guidelines for different diet and texture types
  • assist with nutrition counseling and menus for schools, daycare facilities, and hospitals per USDA guidelines
  • assist with audits, quality control, and training with regard to sanitation, food logs, HACCP, temperatures, food safety, diet accuracy, weights, and understanding different textures and diets to ensure that your facility meets CMS requirements
  • provide sports nutrition advice on a group or individual basis
  • assist with promoting healthy eating habits and general wellness
  • help cafeterias and patients make better food choices
  • provide advice related to specialized testing and nutritional supplements that may benefit patients
  • work with schools and community centers to provide resources and advice related to healthy eating habits and nutrition.

I am proficient in Point Click Care, MDSs, PDPM, C-Bord, Net Menu, Electronic Charting, and fully Safe Serve Certified.

Services on Offer

During my career, I've helped numerous facilities prepare for and develop audit processes. I've also trained employees on how to properly execute audits and developed sustainable plans so that teams could continue to excel in carrying out these duties.

Events and Recurring Offerings

I offer once-off or scheduled programs at your office, healthcare facility, school, festival, camp, or church, including leading relevant nutrition presentations with food demonstrations included. I'm particularly passionate about presenting at Assisted Living and Independent Living facilities!

Personal Training/Group Fitness Classes

I'll gladly help you increase fitness offerings at your Senior Living Facilities, Wellness Centers, or Community Locations.

Classes and Speaking Engagement

I am currently available for classes, speaking engagements, and private consulting.

If you'd like to inquire about working together, please get in touch.