Multigrain Cheerios No More Multi Vitamin

One of the best ways to discover the benefits of products is label reading.  I frequently will visit aisles, and just start reading the nutrition label to see what is in there.  I know how to have a good time.  One of the areas I’ve been most surprised is cereal.  Well I know from school, cereals are notorious for being a good source of iron and b-vitamins.  In 1 serving of a standard cereal, one can usually get  20-50% of daily iron and b-vitamins.   My husband is a graphic designer so I am trained at looking at good design and promotions are helpful as well.  Walking down the cereal aisle one day, I noticed Multi-grain Cheerios.  I read the label and noticed in just over 1 cup I received just 130 calories, 100% daily iron and all my B-vitamins.  If you measure out a cup, you will see it’s not that much.  There are other cereals as well that provide this nutrition including Total cereals, Kelloggs brown-sugar crunch.

What stuck out to me about Cheerios is they were so light, delicious and crunchy.  I could eat a handful all day, and not grow sick of them.  As a runner, I started to eat a handful of these before my run for good nutrition and energy.  3 months later, 1-2 handfuls of multi-grain cheerios mixed w/high protein granola has become my go-to.  The boxes are constantly on sale, and even more my daughter is addicted as well.  In addition, Cheerios are whole grain.

After my liking to Cheerios and seeing the nutrition, I wondered how different the vitamin ratio was to the Multi vitamin I was taking.  I compared both labels and found that the vitamins/minerals I was getting from my 1 cup of cheerios a day was nearly identical to my adult gummy vitamin.  Whoa, mind blown.  I was spending a lot of money on these gummy creation.  Did I need both? Answer is no.  Obtaining vitamins/minerals through foods is always better and more absorbed.  I became so accustomed to taking multivitamin, I never stopped to think, do I really need this?

Many people, including me, have become accustomed to vitamins just out of routine.

I encourage you to look at your diet, and see what you are eating.  You may not need a Multi vitamin.  Most multi vitamins provide daily values of B-vitamins, Vit D, Vit E.  Iron and Calcium supplements are typically taken separately.

B Vitamins are very attainable through cereals, grains, rice, pork and beef products

Calcium is in Milk, yogurt, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Kraft cheese singles, broccoli, Sugar free Nestle hot cocoa mix (hidden gem)

Iron when not from red meat, needs a source of Vitamin C to properly absorb.  Cereal works well.

1 bowl of enriched cereal such as Multi-grain cheerios w/1 cup of Orange juice provides daily requirements for Vit C, Iron, All your B-vitamins, and Zinc which is good for immunity and skin.

Try it today, Do the Cheerio challenge.


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