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Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Discovery Call: 15 minutes

We’ll chat about your goals and see if we are a good match

Initial Consultation: 60 minutes

We will sit down in person or virtually, discuss food habits, preferences, exercising patterns, your relationship with food and talk about overall goals. Prior to initial visit, you will be asked to complete a “Health History Form”, which details concerning past health conditions and current symptoms.

Follow up Consultation: 30 minutes

Check in and receive the continued support and accountability that are important when working toward your goals. These are check ins, where we meet and discuss about how things are going, and discuss best paths to move forward to accomplish your goals.

Diet Review: 45 minutes

If you are having a hard time making healthy choices and are overwhielmed by the dietary messages and diets out there? Have you been trying to lose weightand feel like you are doing everything you can, however still aren’t seeing the results, you may benefit from a diet review to see what you are currently eating and look at what changes can be made. Diet review includes, In-depth analysis of of 5 days of your current eating habits and nutrient intake, A 45 minute session to discuss your food diary, and answer questions A personalized print out reviewing highlights of areas that can be tweaked and new interventions

Grocery Store Tours: 60 minutes
1:1 Nutrition Demonstrations in home: 60 minutes
starts $100/hr
starts $100/hr
Healthy Cooking Demonstration

Fun and interactive cooking demonstration for your business, office or home party.  Perfect for events!

Demonstrations are 1 hour long.  

Choose between a Soup, Appetizer or Smoothie.  Samples provided to all attendees including recipe card.  Ask about specials!

Price includes: Consultant fees, costs of food and beverages purchased. 

Additional fees possibly of parties >20. 


Pantry Makeover EXTREME

MY FAVORITE!  Struggling to want to eat healthy however don’t want to give up your favorite foods?  Curious how to make those guilty meals into healthier meals without sacrificing flavor? Perhaps you have found you can’t eat a lot of foods any more due to discomfort, poor appetite or disease, and you want to ensure that you are meeting your nutritional needs?

Through my own journey, I have learned to make everything I eat count.  Through intensive label reading and research at stores, I have picked up a lot of tips/alternatives to optimize nutrition, lower calories, without sacrificing the flavor.  I have successfully helped many older adults get off of oral nutrition supplements and replace these with high protein foods such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, high protein snack combos that provide more nutrition, fewer calories, less sugar and less ingredients.  In the end, the person is saving money and meeting nutrition needs in a more sustainable way.

Just told you have a new allergy?
Need to make a lifestyle change?
Do you have a new medical diagnosis?
Looking to add more protein or Fiber?
We will make that lifestyle change together

  • Begins with a health history evaluation, detailing medical history and main nutrition concerns
  • We will review preferences, dislikes, discuss eating patterns to best proceed
  • Video or In person view of pantry. How can we substitute foods you already enjoy and make them work in the new plan
  • Grocery store visit, providing label reading, directory on how to find the foods you want for maximum nutrition and enjoyment
  • Recap of visit, discussing goals, ideas, and plan going forward
  • Provide menu ideas, recipes, and tips
  • At least 1 30 minute follow up to see progress.

Prices Vary between Virtual and In-Person. Packages available!!!

Monthly, 6month, 12 year plans:

Each plan includes:

  • Detailed Health Questionnaire to be completed prior to initial consultation
  • Initial Consultation (60 mins)
  • Pantry Makeover
  • Customized nutrition and fitness program, including at home exercise, recipes with details and encouragement to persevere
  • Drug nutrient interaction assessment
  • Weekly zoom meetings to connect and see how things are going. Areas that may need some tweaking
  • Personalized Supplement recommendations
  • Weekly Diary Feedback
  • Unlimited email support
  • More

All Prices represent out of pocket rates.

Insurances Accepted: Medicare, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield-MN, Out of Network benefits.

Sliding scale available

Please inquire about additional payment options

Consulting, Speaking Engagements and Corporate Wellness:

Book a free Discovery call, to discuss how Persevere Wellness can help you business

Fees start at $100/hr - Packages available.

Accepted Payments

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards*
  • Debit Cards*
  • Medical Insurance-UHC, BCBS-MN, Medicare, Waiver services, Out of Network

* Credit Card or Debit Card payments are accepted with a 3% fee applied


For additional insurances, Most services can be covered under Out of Network Coverage.  Please call your Insurance company prior to beginning services to see what options may be available.

If you are using insurance, we will bill the insurance for the visit in good faith. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for costs that may not be covered by your plan, including zero payment and/or denial. Persevere Wellness, will contact your insurance company and review your benefits with you. However, you are encouraged to call your insurance provider and be familiar with your benefits, including how many visits you have and out of pocket expenses, including your deductible, co-pay and coinsurance requirements. Note that insurance companies may take up to 9 months to process your claim, which may result in delayed billing to you by Persevere Wellness

Persevere Wellness will provide Superbill.  We also accept all major credit cards and offer sliding scale payments.

We can bill most major insurance companies through out-of-network benefits. Payment will be collected at the time of the appointment(s) and a refund will be issued if payment if received. You may be responsible for a portion of the nutrition visit depending on coverage. It is your responsibility to contact and understand your benefits.

Terms and Conditions per signed Financial Agreement upon starting of services

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