Senior Care Services

Senior Care Nutrition and Fitness Services

Getting older doesn't have to mean settling down or settling for a less healthy standard of living! Seniors have unparalleled maturity and determination to improve. I am passionate about improving nutrition and fitness for seniors and their families. I'll gladly work with your residential care home, senior living facility, or loved ones to create a care plan that improves their physical and mental health, regardless of their age or any disabilities they may have.

I focus on building strength and improving balance in all areas in a Long Term Care setting, including Memory Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Long Term Care. I strive to be interactive, personable, and adaptable to help residents become stronger by providing advice on meal preparation and providing nonmedical home care and exercise.

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Senior Care Options

I was offered my first position as a fitness instructor three years back as the Traveling fitness instructor for seniors offering group fitness classes and personal training. I had no idea what I was doing. On my first day teaching alone, halfway through the class, a resident said, "Tracy, this is all great. However, we're old, we want to learn balance, and we don't want to fall."

That statement changed my thinking. The people I was serving knew what they wanted. They also knew every day was a gift and wanted to make the most of it! If a resident liked something, they told me; if they didn't, they told me, and we adjusted the routine. 

Being a Fitness Instructor for a Senior Care center with all abilities, I learned quickly that I needed to be able to adapt my class on the spot depending on the clientele.

Senior Care Nutrition

Throughout my experiences, I have worked with many older adults who are essentially living off of Nutrition Supplements. What I began to realize was that many of the adults I was serving were drinking supplements and too full to eat regular meals. One of the first questions I ask my clients is whether or not they like supplements or whether they'd prefer to eat instead.

Working with your loved ones or patients, I will: 

  • Focus on good nutrition to help keep their bodies strong
  • Identifying vitamin and mineral deficiencies and developing a plan to address them
  • Promote whole foods and fluids with a focus on protein, fiber, and hydration as an alternative to supplements. 
  • Meet 1-on-1 with clients for nutrition consultations for one-time or recurring appointments.
  • Provide menu planning and assistance with grocery lists 

Senior Fitness

I have five years of experience working with seniors as a registered dietitian and fitness instructor. I have mastered the ability to think quickly on my feet and adjust classes/programs to meet the needs of the people I serve. I can provide care for people with Dementia, Parkinson's, a limited range of motion, a lack of appetite, and other needs, in their own homes or senior care facility.

As a fitness instructor for seniors, my approach is as follows: 

  • Fitness is introduced so seniors can remain strong, transition more easily, and build a better balance to prevent falling. 
  • I provide a personalized approach to meet them where they're at, whether wheelchair-bound or ambulatory.
  • I'm available as a personal trainer or fitness instructor at long-term senior care facilities on a scheduled basis
  • I can develop and implement a fitness class curriculum that meets the needs of your clients. 
  •  I can offer 1-on-1 personal training to your clients and lead a variety of group fitness classes, including yoga, chair yoga, strength and balance, cardio resistance, and abdominal and core workouts. 

About Me

I will provide the best care possible to your loved one, patients, or residents. I'll gladly assist with their specific needs and offer resources and advice accordingly. Health, compassion, safety, dignity, and above all, joy are very important to me.

If you choose me as one of your care providers, you can rest assured that your patient or loved one is in skilled hands.

I'm focused on providing care that will help my clients thrive and improve their well-being (and quality of life). I can work with clients in different housing options, including those living in a nursing home, assisted living community, residential care home, or their own home.

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Registered Dietitian Services may be covered by your Insurance.