Special Population Services

Special Population Services: Adaptive Fitness, Person specific Nutrition Therapy

The dining experience looks different for people with developmental and intellectual disorders due sensory concerns, picky eating, food aversions, allergies and behavior.

Trained in Feeding the picky eater, helping with food aversions, and prescribing plans to put the most nutrition into the foods and beverages the eater will consume.

Certified in Autism Fitness and Neuroadaptive Fitness, blending personal and professional training to implement person specific fitness tips and programs to aid in buidling strength and mobility and decreasing behavior.

About Me

My passion for providing nutrition and fitness coaching to people of all abilities, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  I’m the proud mother of an 19-year-old son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder comes with cognitive delay, developmental delays, speech delay, difficulties focusing and staying on task, hyperactivity, and difficulty with schedule changes.

My son doesn’t care for sports and games, but he enjoys swinging, running, and swimming. He requires one-on-one coaching from people committed to alternative approaches to engage and challenge him. Regarding diet, my son is hesitant to try new foods or retry foods he didn’t initially enjoy. With patience, creativity, and persistence over many months and years, I’ve been able to expand his taste palette.



What makes me different?

4 Years experience Program Specialist with Adults with Disabilities in different environments

Lead and instruct cooking classes teaching clients basics of cooking and meal prep

Provide services in your home environment

Person specific programs and plans equipped to meet the client where he or she is, to get to the end goal. All programs and plans adaptable.

Certification in Neuroadaptive Fitness

Receptive to food allergies, therapeutic diets, self-feeding strategies

Insurance and Waiver Services possibly available.  Please inquire!




How It Works

Please schedule a Free Discovery Call to discuss goals. As a parent of an adult with Autism, I have likely had the same thoughts many times. I have definitely felt like I failed as a mother because my son ate hamburgers every night for two weeks! Learning to take those situations and finding the positives (and humor) in those situations can be empowering.

After Discovery call, I encourage all clients to schedule an Evaluation to set a plan.  Routine and consistency is very important.  Programs are designed to meet weekly. however are designed to meet your schedule.  Exercises and handouts will be provided to implement plan in home environment.


In-home services for Twin-Cities Area. Virtual and Telehealth Options available.  

If there is an area that you would like to work on nutritionally or fitness, let’s discuss it. I want to help

Most Services can be covered by CADI and DD waivers went approved by Case Manager.  I'd be happy to help work worth you through this process.

1:1 nutrition counseling focusing on

  • Food aversions
  • Textures
  • Trying new foods
  • Allergies
  • Getting the most nutrition out of the foods of highest preferences
  • Providing you with shopping lists including alternatives and menu plans
  • In-home services.

     It can be easier to put things into perspective when you learn in your environment.  My services have the option to come to your home and provide nutrition and fitness coaching, cooking classes, meal prep and kitchen orientation.   

1:1 fitness coaching

  • Individualized workout plans, according to his or her fitness level and medical considerations, including but not limited to Weight lifting, strength training, Running, Walking, and Cycling
  • Implement individualized exercise, nutrition, strength, and conditioning plans to encourage healthier lifestyles
  • Implement exercises to increase range of motion
  • Provide step by step instructions for each exercise through demonstration and handouts provided to you.
  • Train on equipment and software to keep track of your journey
  • Neuro-Adaptive Fitness Certified

I desire to motivate each individual to achieve his or her personal wellness goals through developing and modifying routines that match your special health care needs and families living with special needs children.

As a certified Neuro Adaptive Instructor, I can help provide training to personal trainers, schools, groups, and centers on implementing tips and programs to best serve clientele served.  Schedule a discovery call to learn more!

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Do you have a family member with special needs that would benefit from one-on-one nutrition and fitness consulting?