Hello, my name is Tracy.

I am a Registered Dietitian, certified personal trainer, ServeSafe Manager and group fitness instructor. What makes me different?

I’m a walking testimony that true perseverance can work to get you to that finish line you’re reaching for.


Why I got into Dietetics and Nutrition

I decided to pursue a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition in 2001 following years of on-and-off battles with eating disorders, but - surprise, surprise - earning my Degree did not resolve deep-seated issues with food. Over the course of 15 years, I became a mom, struggled to find work that I loved, and gradually became less healthy and active. 

In 2016, my health concerns took a turn for the worse, and I developed Atrial Fibrillation, which placed me on heart medicine, and blood thinners. Eventually, this led to a cardiac ablation to fix my rhythm. At one point, my BMI was 34, which is close to being labeled as Morbidly Obese with comorbidities.

Listening and lessening

After the first ablation, my tolerance for food decreased. The smallest amount of food gave me extreme pain. If I ate more than a small sandwich, I would pay for it later. That’s when I truly started to listen to my body. I started to write down what I was eating. I quickly learned that I was eating close to 3000–3500 calories per day. On top of this, I was drinking alcohol regularly. The first change I made was to eat less. Within 4 months, I lost 40 pounds thanks to portion control.

The second change I made was to start exercising regularly, focusing on a simple, daily neighborhood walk. Then, a friend challenged me to run a marathon - and I accepted! At first, I couldn’t run more than a few steps. Eventually, I made it around the block. Then, around the neighborhood.

My past caught up to me

No matter how much I ran, I couldn’t outrun my past. In February 2017, I was scheduled for my 2nd Cardiac Ablation since the first one didn’t work, but this one did. Unfortunately, I was still on blood thinners, which disrupted my training. I had 4 months to get ready for the marathon, and I wasn’t running more than 5 miles, and the miles I was running were still incorporating walking. 

April 2017, I hit rock bottom with my drinking. It was my wake-up call. I fell at the feet of my husband. With a quiet but serious tone, he said just three words I’ll never forget: “Are you done?” To which I wept, “Yes!”

Marathon mindset

From that moment, I was changed. I wanted to do better and became more driven. I had built up so much regret from my life, and I didn’t want anymore. The marathon was approaching, and I was not ready. The furthest I had run was 10 miles. Due to an emergency, I couldn’t make it to the marathon. But I had come too far to quit - I had to try. With a day off of work I decided to run the marathon on my own at home. For the next 4.5 hours, I ran/walked to the finish line I had set up. The last 10 miles were painful, slow however I was driven. I crossed that imaginary finish, so proud! I was like, “Woah, if I just did that, what else can I do?”

In October 2017, I completed my first official marathon since high school. I felt like that was the finish line for my old life and the beginning of the next chapter. Crossing that finish line showed me that we are so much stronger than we think, we just need a person or destination to help us see that finish line.

Positive momentum

In the past 5 years, I’ve completed 18 marathons and crossed countless items off my bucket list, including completing the Boston marathon.I’ve also motivated many others to reach their goals in fitness, life and nutrition. I have kept off 75 pounds over 3 years, increased my muscle strength by 60%, battled endless GI issues, and have been sober for more than two and a half years. In the end, perseverance has won. 

I use my personal experiences mixed in with education to develop a plan unique and practical for you to help you thrive and succeed. We can’t control our surroundings, but we can control how we get through them. Our lives are a lot like a run. It may be hilly, icy, hot, painful, joyful, and your path may take you on a different route. But we have to keep persevering.  

Let me help you crush your goals.

Let me help you me help you crush your goals.