Corporate Health Wellness

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Community and Corporate Health Wellness

Wellness is not just a buzzword. Communities and businesses can all benefit from the right wellness initiatives. If you need help designing programs aimed at helping your employees or community live healthier lives and enjoy the benefits of eating better and exercising more, give me a call!

I provide strategic direction and advice to employers and community leaders interested in the following:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Workshop Events
  • Corporate Lunch and Learns
  • Wellness Programming
  • Cooking Demonstrations

    Presents Cooking demonstration at your business of Healthy option of choice: soup, appetizer or smoothie.   Demonstrations are 1 hour. Includes: Samples, recipe card and nutritional advice. 


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  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Interactive team-building Nutrition and Fitness Presentations
  • Support corporate initiatives by sharing my regulatory and nutrition expertise
  • Nutrition and Fitness Demonstrations and Presentations

Helping You Create Your Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs aren't just once-off events that discuss the health benefits of stretching at your desk. It can be as important to your employees as a competitive salary and benefits.

I use my nutrition expertise to create a corporate wellness program that isn't just enjoyable but effective as well. Wellness programs can improve the mental and physical health of your staff, reduce the number of sick days taken in a year, and can build positive relationships among team members. It can be one of the most important corporate initiatives you undertake.

How It Works

Are you in need of a fresh perspective to ensure your processes and records are up to standards? I can work between departments to identify disconnects and establish effective processes.

Are you looking to expand your offerings? I can implement customized solutions to engage employees in new and exciting ways.

Do you want to implement a corporate wellness program but don't know where to start? Start with me! I'll work with you to understand your corporate wellness needs, gauge overall employee attitudes and knowledge, and then set about launching a tailor-made corporate wellness program in my unique signature style.

I work with employers and employees in small businesses and large corporates and make sure that I fit into your schedule to avoid disrupting or taking the focus away from your daily operations. I work with your resources and budget and can assist with various needs, including managing communications and incorporating corporate policies.

Some of the services we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Helping employees to understand how eating behaviors affect productivity
  • Helping to plan and coordinate Health and Fitness programs for your employees
  • Providing one-time or scheduled monthly In-services to your company on Pertinent Nutrition topics of your choice. All presentations include food and exercise demonstrations to provide motivation to keep moving forward.
  • Creating incentive programs to help employees continue to want to improve their health and fitness
  • Providing Resources to your company on how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine while working, i.e., chair exercises, walking programs, and different pieces of equipment that can be used during your day.

Community Health Management

Community wellness programs benefit everyone. A healthier community is not only a happier community but one that is less reliant on public healthcare and assistance.

I'll gladly assist you with developing a wellness program aimed at educating the community, assist with advice related to fundraising initiatives for healthcare and nutrition services, and help you engage corporate support, individual major donors, and your philanthropic partners by presenting information about the impact of nutrition on the overall health and well-being of the community.

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